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The Sabre fencing sword is mainly used as a fast action weapon. When saber fencing, you may only hit your opponent from the waist up using slashing and stabbing motions. This is the most difficult fencing style, but one of our amazing coaches can help you become an accomplished competitor, or just help you have fun!

What is Sabre Fencing?

Historically Saber Fencing was used by the Cavalry and so it was done while on horseback. That is most likely the reason behind the rules of stabbing and slashing from the waist up. The swift moving horses and close proximity to an opponent made this type of fencing fast and furious. Unlike Foil and Epee, there was little time for strategy and planning. 

Fencing Classes

With Saber, you might only have two or three seconds to make your move. Knowing how to hold your weapon for the quickest and most accurate action is paramount in winning a fight.
You can see how I am holding the saber sword in this video. You don’t want to hold it like it’s an axe. You want to be able to use your fingers to squeeze and help you with mobility in directing the blade where you want it to go.
The guard piece is made to protect your fingers from injury during a match. You wouldn’t want your opponent to slash you with either the sword tip or the thick part of blade, which is called the forte. The foilble is the weakest part of the blade and runs down into the blood groove. Perhaps that was where the blood ran through. Anyway, we don’t actually draw blood in modern day fencing sport classes!

Is Sabre Fencing Hard to Learn?

I would say that saber is the most difficult fencing weapon to learn. The rules are many and probably difficult for someone who is just starting fencing lessons. epee and foil fencing have fewer rules and restrictions. In my opinion that makes them easier to learn. However, sabre is my specialty and so, obviously, my favorite of the three fencing types.
Although sabre may be the most difficult fencing sport to learn, I love that it is fast paced. You have to be quick in mind and body because you may only have a couple of seconds to make the right move. I enjoy the challenge and I think you will too!
I would love to help you find the best fencing classes near you. Our coaches are the finest in the world.
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