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What is Foil Fencing and What Type of Weapon is Used?

As a mix of the epee and sabre weapon, of the three fencing types, the foil has the smallest guard. The three types of fencing weapons are the Epee, the Foil, and the Sabre, also called Saber.

What are the Rules for Foil Weapon?

The rules for foil fencing are very similar to Epee in that you have to stay within the torso area. The main difference is that you are not allowed to slash your opponent. The rules do contain a few restrictions, but the footwork and movement don’t have the restrictions that you find in sabre.
You are allowed to move anywhere within that fencing strip. As long as you hit your opponent’s torso area you will be ok. That’s really the main restriction you have with this weapon. 

What is Fencing Foil Sword?

The Foil Fencing Sword was a smaller weapon that was used a long time ago, mainly as a sidearm. Unlike the Epee it wasn’t used for dueling. The cavalry did not use the foil. They relied on the heavier Sabre.